Web Development Add Ons

Web development add ons create new functionality in an existing website, and depending on the structure can be integrated into what you have now.

Our range of web development products includes:


Enquiry forms, secure booking or payment forms and subscription forms can all be added to a site, as well as online survey forms, more complex booking forms or forms to suit your requirements. View examples on the Avatar web site of an enquiry form, secure payment form and subscription form.

Spam Free Forms

By adding some additional programming to your web site, you can reduce the amount of junk mail you receive through your forms from automated spam programs.


Use jQuery to display animation and interactive widgets. jQuery can be more than 3 times faster to work with than Flash, and is compatible with the most popular browsers.

View a selection of jQuery items in action:

Currency Converters

Currency converters can be a very useful way of enabling customers to work out costs at the time of viewing your web site. View an example of a currency converter designed by Avatar on the New Zealand Rent A Car web site.


A favicon (or favourites icon) are a small image displayed in a browser’s location bar, at the top left of browser tabs and next to a page title in stored bookmarks or favourites. It completes the look and branding of a web site. View more on favicons.

Other Customer Friendly Functions

Features to bookmark, email or share the page on social networks help to make life easier for your website users at minimal cost. We can design stylish looking icons that add the functionality required to your web site.

Site Search

If you have a particularly large site with lots of content, why not help website users find their way around your site through using an on-site search function? We can create one for you that fits in with the look and feel of your web site.

Search Engine Site Maps

If you have a dynamic web site with content not easily accessible to search engine robots, you may be interested in a site map for your web site. It’s specifically designed to help Google and Yahoo! search engines index your URLs.

If you want the best features for your website, contact us to arrange a free consultation or make an enquiry.