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Want to improve your Google rankings, increase website traffic and generate more business? Our SEO company has had 20+ years of online success and can help you get stellar results.

Want to work with a Google Ad agency that focuses on your specific needs and simplifies the process? We provide clear monthly reports and target meaningful business conversions to improve your profits.

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The crucial x-factor for most websites is to have an outstanding search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy. Our specialist SEO company has proven, sure-fire techniques that will increase your online sales results. Avatar's SEO services can help in a wide range of areas such as Google My Business, Google Analytics, content writing and semantic search.

We will help you to clarify your online goals, then give your visitors a compelling reason to take action. Avatar has been working in the SEO industry since 1998, so our 20+ years of experience working on many hundreds of websites will give you the advantage you need for your SEO campaign.


Mark Rocket

"Since 1998, we have been designing great websites and consistently getting top search engine rankings for hundreds of clients."

Mark Rocket, Managing Director

Seminar And Workshop Speaker

Client Comments

"We would like to thank Avatar for their help in optimizing our site. Since we have been working with Avatar we have seen a 251% increase in year on year growth and just last month a 35% increase in organic traffic!! This has translated into substantially more enquiries for our services with an associated increase in bookings. The monthly reports are concise and useful. Avatar is a key player for us in the digital space."

– Howard Klein, South Island Plastic Surgery

"I was amazed to see in my last my monthly report, that I had a 128% year on year growth in organic traffic! I cancelled my Google Ad payments and am very happy that I invested in SEO to achieve these very ‘real’ organic searches! I highly recommend investing in SEO! It’s so important when growing a new business."

– Lorraine Herity, Better Health Osteopathy

"We've worked with Avatar over the last 8 years. Last year we increased our site marketing budget and challenged Avatar to reach new growth targets, it was very pleasing to see a 62% increase in revenue as a result."

– Ross McElvie, New Zealand Rent A Car

"We are extremely satisfied with our new website and have achieved all our goals. The team at Avatar have done a great job and were awesome to work with. I would recommend them to anyone looking to develop an attractive, easy to use site which is highly visible with the search engines."

– Nicola Bennett, National Army Museum

"I have been delighted with the website design and search engine optimisation work that Mark and his team have done for me. Our hits and newsletter subscriptions have significantly improved as a result of Avatar's involvement."

– Kevin McMahon, Stepshift

"Avatar has played an important role in realising our Internet strategy and we have enjoyed the working relationship we have developed over several years. We look forward to further innovations and growth in Internet business."

– Andrew Strong, USAVE Rental Cars

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