5 Most Important Link Building Posts of 2014

Monday, November 24th, 2014

linkbuildingAs any SEOer knows, link building is an ongoing battle that makes up a large part of the SEO campaign. Getting quality links isn’t easy – there’s no simple way to convince a site to link to you, so sometimes it’s necessary to dig a little deeper and sometimes come up with creative solutions. With Google constantly updating its algorithm, it’s also a constantly changing area, and it’s essential to keep up to date with information and findings so you aren’t using old and potentially harmful techniques.

2014 presented a number of changes and developments, so if you’ve been lagging behind on link building news, the following posts provide the best rundown.

Moz.com 2014 Survey Results. Every year, Moz.com conducts a survey to assess the state of link building throughout the industry. They consult a combination of business owners, SEO consultants and freelance SEO practitioners to get a varied canvas of results. Questions included how much companies spend on link building per month, whether they plan or increase or decrease this spend and what techniques for link building they utilize. This provides an essential picture for SEO agencies and consultants in particular, who can see the shape of industry.

Strategy For Beginners. It takes a while to become an industry veteran capable of reading and interpreting industry trends however, so for those who perhaps only just came to the link building game in 2014, starting with some tips for beginners is a good way to gradually build up proficiency.

13 Killer Link Building Strategies. For those interested in practical info and how-to guides, these strategies are explained fully in a way that you can instantly apply to your website. They include using video transcriptions, Twitter and infographic submissions. If you’re looking for some inspiration, it might be the perfect resource for you.

Link Building Strategies For Small Businesses. If you’re a business owner, there are a number of link building strategies that will work specifically for you. These strategies picked out by Forbes include hosting giveaways, building resources, and even thinking about the way you set up a jobs page. You need to think locally and how to use your presence to your advantage.

5 Creative Link Building Techniques. If you’ve run dry on the standard link building strategies, these link building techniques offer a more creative approach. They include refurbishing old infographics, answering questions and creating “evergreen” content.

It’s essential to keep your finger on the pulse of link building industry trends and developments in order to not be left struggling with outdated techniques that add little value to your site. If it’s been a while since you caught up or you have just ‘given up’, these posts provide a useful round up.

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