5 Tips To Optimise Your Landing Page

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

In many ways a landing page can make or break a website. It’s the first thing visitors see when they click the link on the search engine results pages and they will most likely make the assessment of whether it fits their needs or not within a few seconds of viewing it. Therefore, if you want to capitalise on all your hard work building up search engine optimisation, you need to think carefully and critically about what kind of landing page you’re presenting to them. We’ve compiled a range of tips that can help ensure it’s doing the best job it can.

  • Declutter, clarify. Some of the most effective landing pages have under 100 words of text. Depending on your goal for the user, presenting nothing more than a logo, sign up or enquiry form and a few well chosen graphics could hit the message home much more effectively than a huge wad of text and images. However, not all businesses suit this approach, so at the very least you should pare the text back as much as possible and use visual divisions to guide the eye around the page.
  • Call to action. It’s surprising how many landing pages forget to have a call to action. The way for the user to proceed with your service or product should be immediately clear as soon as they load the page. Calls to action using graphics are particularly effective.
  • Make it mobile. Much of our web surfing now happens on tablets and mobile devices, which can be devastating for large, graphically intensive websites. To prevent this highly valuable audience from hitting the back button, invest in a responsive site that will look good and be easy to use regardless of the screen size it appears on.
  • Be memorable, think bold. Internet users have short attention spans and will likely click through several sites on the same topic. You want to make sure that yours is the one they remember and come back to, and draws their attention and focus right from the get-go. You can do this with slick, aesthetically pleasing design, an unusual call to action or a slightly fun or cheeky tone – anything to make you stand out on the list.
  • Have more than one. If you’re targeting multiple keywords or offering an array of services or products, having just one landing page to cater to them all can be almost impossible. Using high quality sub-pages is a great way to focus your SEO efforts and gain better results for each area.

If your landing page seems to be letting potential customers escape, consider giving a revision to make it more memorable, more effective and ultimately more profitable.

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