9 Google Products to Boost Your Business

Monday, June 4th, 2012

9 Google Products to Boost Your Business

We all know Google first and foremost as the world’s largest and most-used search engine. Its colourful logo is synonymous with ease of use and fast results. There are also numerous other great products that Google create and distribute free of charge, that not everyone knows about. What’s more, many of these have practical functions that can optimise your business in a number of useful ways. Whether you want to increase or kick-off your online presence, here’s a step-by-step approach to navigating a key selection of the Google product range.

  1. Gmail. Getting a Google email address is your passport to signing in to the rest of the Google products. It’s also an efficient, user-friendly mail system worth considering if you haven’t already.
  2. Google Apps. Is essentially Gmail on steriods. If you require multiple email addresses for your business, or wish to use your domain name, Google Apps lets you configure and manage everything from one place.
  3. Google+ For Business. A blend of social media and business listings, Google+’s business edition provides space for both content updates for customers to share, and information on your product or service. The Google+ Local section incorporates a mapped location and reviews.
  4. Google Sites. If you don’t have a website, Google Sites allows you to create a simple, hassle free web space. It can also be used as a secure internal network, perfect for sharing and collaborating on company documents and projects.
  5. Google Calendar. An online calendar that can be imported and exported, and shared with multiple users. Different schedules (eg, different aspects of the business) can be kept track of with seperate colours and labels.
  6. Google Docs. Soon to be revamped in to Google Drive, this great tool allows you to share important documents, spreadsheets and files to selected users.
  7. Google Analytics. If you do have a website, Analytics is essential for tracking how many people are coming to your site, what they’re clicking on and whether they’re sticking around. This information is essential to planning a successful online strategy.
  8. Webmaster Tools. These nifty tools allow you to check the status of your website, and see it through the search engine’s point of view. If you add a lot of new content, it’s perfect for ensuring you don’t get left behind.
  9. YouTube. Now a pony in the Google stable (after they paid USD $1.65 billion for it), it’s easier than ever to incorporate videos into your web strategy. With the success of viral videos and marketing, it’s a thoroughbred well worth putting a bet on each way.


Google is constantly innovating and offering improvements on its products. Incorporating them into your business is a sound strategy for increasing your online visibility, efficiency and most of all, results.

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