April fools day pranks

Friday, April 1st, 2011

April FoolsIf you got through today without any mysterious phone calls, sniggering colleagues or the shame of being caught out, then you’re one of the lucky ones. For many, the 1st of April is a time for practical jokes, laughter and competition. Of course, unfortunately, that means exactly the opposite for the gullible folk out there.

So you can be prepared for next year, Avatar has compiled a list of some memorable April Fool’s jokes:

  • Desktop Screen Saver. Ideal for the boss. Simply take a screen shot of their computer desktop and replace their desktop image with the screen shot. Now watch them sweat! (Be sure to hide their real desktop icons).
  • Call Of The Wild. Perfect for someone who’s on the phone all day. Find the number of your favourite zoo or wildlife park, and write down the number along with the name Mr Lyons and ask your colleague to call this important lead. One of our team actually fell for this one!
  • Glad Wrapped. For someone who really deserves it. Open the lid of the victim’s toilet, cover with glad wrap and close the lid. You can imagine their surprise…
  • Sugar Swap. A classic. Swap the staffroom sugar with salt. Works a treat on those caffeine addicts!

What tricks have you played on your friends, family or colleagues? Did they work out perfectly, or are you still making up for it? Be sure to share it with us on our Facebook Page!

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