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Monday, April 7th, 2014

Google MapsAlmost all of us use Google Maps on a regular basis on our phones, tablets and when Googling locations, but you may be surprised to find how it can easily be integrated into a WordPress website as well. The wealth of data and geographical information it provides can be formatted and  inserted into pages in a variety of ways. A responsive map plugin is a great way to give visitors more in-depth information about a physical location such as a store or service area. Once set up, the plugins are easy to use and change responsively with your Google listing and information.

Google Maps Widget – A straightforward and simple single-image map that loads in a small widget that can be placed anywhere on the page, perfect for displaying basic information about a location. The size and appearance can be adjusted so that it suits the build of your website exactly. Though the smaller map is fairly static, a larger lightbox-based pop up map is also available, and this can be panned and zoomed to make it easier for the user to get their bearings.

google maps widget

CP Google Maps Plugin – Sometimes you’ll want to add a small about of information about certain locations on the map, such as other local businesses or important places such as a pick up/drop off point. You can do this through the CP Google Maps plugin, which integrates the information contained in blog posts with a customisable map.

cp google maps

Google Maps Travel Route – For tourism or transportation businesses, being able to show a travel route may make it easier for customers to visualise your services. This plugin lets you set a beginning and end point, as well as multiple points in between. This can then be set into pages as a full sized map with panning and zoom available, or as a smaller widget to save space.

maps travel route

Google Maps is a free, intuitive service provided by Google that many businesses already take advantage of to let people know where they are and how to get there. If you have a website, it makes sense to include this information there as well. Google is constantly updating its map data to stay relevant and precise, so you can rest assured that the maps you install will remain accurate.

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