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Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

CMS Trends Joomla and WordPress

With the rising popularity of open source content management systems (CMS) in the Web industry over the last few years, we thought it might be interesting to see what’s hot in the CMS world.

Take a look at this CMS comparison graph to see how five popular CMS’ stack up in Google Trends, a tool that allows you to compare the world’s interest in certain topics by seeing how often they’ve been searched for in Google over time. You can see that WordPress and Joomla are way out ahead with Drupal a little lower in the results.

According to Alexa, an average of 4% of global Web users visit WordPress every day, whilst around 0.15% visit Joomla and 0.1% take a look at Drupal. In terms of rankings (on the day we looked) Alexa ranks WordPress at 18, Joomla at 514 and Drupal at 694. So that’s the three big players, how do the others fare? Not so great really in comparison. Alfresco attracts 0.004% of Web users world wide and had an Alexa ranking of 23,306.  Lastly we look at Typo3, which attracts 0.004% of Web world and was ranked 33,208.

A report published earlier this month by CMS Wire also highlights that there is a big drop after WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Interestingly, the report named Joomla as the most popular open source Web CMS.  It appears the global CMS community loves the three open source CMS providers and the rest have a lot of catching up to do. Avatar offer WordPress and Joomla CMS options, so get in touch if you’d like to explore a suitable option for your site.

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