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Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Facebook is the largest social media network in the world, and with the addition of separate brand pages that can be updated and customised by a business or product, the gates are now open to harness its captive audience for advertising and marketing.

All good Facebook strategies revolve around attaining more “Likes” – both of the brand page itself and what is posted on it. The key to this lies in two main things: image and content.


Internet advertising places a hefty importance on an eye-catching first appearance, and Facebook is no exception. Creating a good looking, highly functional, modern page is the first part of a strategy to invite people to take an interest in the rest of your information. Some key aspects of effective imaging include:

  • A banner image (or cover pic) that is bold, memorable and professional.
  • A profile picture that is still legible when shrunk down as it appears next to comments.
  • Frequent updates with high quality, interesting images.
  • An engaging text style – users of Facebook are not looking for a dry business proposition. Humour, creativity and a friendly tone go a lot further in attracting followers.


Once your Facebook brand page is set up, there is still more work to do to attain a sizable audience. Content is the key to expanding your reach, as good content will organically generate more sharing and promotion to a wider audience. Types of effective content include:

  • Photos and images, particularly if they give a behind the scenes look at the business.
  • Contests and promotions, including encouragement to Like the page.
  • Funny or interesting links and status updates.
  • Questions (ie, “What’s your favourite way to use [brand name]?”) that will inspire people to comment, thus showing up on their friend’s feed.
  • Jokes and internet memes.

Maintaining a Facebook Page

Frequent updates of good quality content are a staple of an effective Facebook for business strategy, so consider designating someone on the team to spend a few hours a week planning updates, organising content, responding to comments and building links. It doesn’t take much to keep a constant level of activity, and inactive pages are instantly dismissed by readers.

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