Google Analytics: In-Page Analysis

Monday, June 1st, 2015

When researching how your audience sees and interacts with your website, the traditional numbers-on-a-page data can make it difficult to properly visualise. With In-Page Analysis, Google Analytics offers a superb way to apply information from the reports directly onto pages of your website, allowing you to see your site through the eyes of your viewers.

Rather than providing tables and lists showing your visitor’s behaviour, it creates a real-time replica of the page and labels each link with the percentage of users that clicked on it, as well as providing a sidebar with an overview of all the important statistics. You can also choose to have colour labels to show the percentage of clicks – red being the highest and green being the least – to further help you visualise the flow of visitors.

To access the In-Page mode, simply go to Behaviour > In-Page Analytics. This will provide you with an embedded view of the In-Page data, however by clicking the arrow next to Browser Size you can enter into a separate window.

With an ever-increasing focus on the user experience, getting a practical analysis of your site rather than just crunching numbers is an important tool.  Percentages show how many people clicked on each link. This makes it easier to identify browsing patterns at a glance – for example, a certain menu may be much more eye-catching than you intended it to be, attracting more clicks than the true focus of the page. It is especially useful for establishing how effective your calls to action are, and whether they’re effective on every page or just some. Browsing down the page, you can also see whether users are finding all the information you want them to see. If click numbers are dropping off, it shows you are losing their interest further down the page. This in-page data should be used to ensure that every page on the website is designed and laid out to meet its function optimally – essential if you want to improve conversions.

The In-Page Analysis reporting system allows you to view not only single pages but to browse through your website just like a user, refreshing the statistics each time dynamically. This is especially useful for website owners who may not be familiar with the Google Analytics interface but who want to learn more about their user’s behaviour.

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