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Monday, June 1st, 2015

Once you’ve set up your Google Analytics to record the key statistics of your website, it’s time to share that data with the people that matter. There are separate software packages that can do this for you on an in-depth, branded level, but the free options provided in Analytics are great for giving a general overview and extracting important numbers in a format you can use. There are a number of different ways of sharing data from Analytics, depending on your what your focus is and who the report is intended for.

Create Administrator

One of the easiest ways to share data on Google Analytics is to simply add another user as one of the administrators for the account. This way they themselves can log in and find the data they want to see for themselves.

This can be done under Admin > Account > User Management

add users admin

To add a new user, simply enter their name into the Add Permissions For box. From a drop down menu, you can select which level of authority you would like them to have. The different authority levels include:

  • Read & Analyze. Allows them to view the Analytics data, as well as perform simple filters and changes.
  • Edit. Allows them to make changes to the profiles and tracked websites set up under Analytics.
  • Collaborate. Allows them to edit shared properties such as annotations and dashboards.
  • Manage Users. Allows them to manage users and authority levels.

By making them a User rather than an Administrator, it allows you to only select specific profiles for the user to access, which is handy if you manage multiple websites for different clients and don’t want them to be able to access all of them. One limitation is that the users you add must have a Google account, though this doesn’t necessarily mean they need to use Gmail.

Send By Email

There are several ways you can take the data straight from Analytics to the real world. On any page of the reports, a button labelled Email will send an inbox-friendly version to any address.

email report

This is a simple way to share data to someone who may not understand how to navigate the Google Analytics interface, and it can be set to send on a regular basis. It’s also a good option if the person doesn’t have a Google account. You can select which file fomat the user will receive, and under Advanced Options you can specify for it to stop sending after a certain period of time.

Download PDF or CSV

Not all data is required in the form of a document – being able to open website data in Excel can be very useful for businesses who are dealing with a lot of different products or pages. Analytics offers a range of formats for download, including PDF, CSV, TSV and Google Spreadsheets, making the data easy to manage and manipulate.

Send Custom Dashboard

Sometimes the data you want to send isn’t neatly compiled in a single report; rather it’s spread across different sections of the Analytics framework. In a previous post we discussed how to create a custom dashboard that can do just that, by adding and arranging widgets that show the exact data you want in a way that follows logically for the viewer. These custom-built dashboards can then be send or exported like any other Analytics report, making it perfect for quickly and easily creating a specific report.

With many ways of sharing data, Analytics gives you a range of options for delivering important info to the people who need to see it.

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