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Sunday, May 19th, 2013

Any online marketer will understand the pain of trying to get onsite changes made quickly. Google Tag Manager aims to make this easier by giving external users access to a portion of the code which they can alter and add tags to from a remote website. With this, updating the tags for Google Analytics, conversion tracking and webmasters becomes so much simpler, allowing marketers to tweak to their heart’s content even without direct access to the website’s code.

Once a one-off piece of code has been added to each page on a website, marketers are able to change and adjust tags simply by logging into the external Tag Manager – no hands-on access to the website required. In doing this, marketers are able to cut out the middleman and make the changes they need as soon as they want to make them – there is no waiting time, and alterations go live immediately. Only the most recent tag structure is sent from the Tag Manager to the website via the snippet of code. It’s efficient too – as it’s an asynchronous code, there’s no fear that it will slow down your website no matter how many tags you are using.

Furthermore, in the past it was difficult to gain insights or test the effectiveness of various tags due to delay. Google Tag Manager makes it possible to not only change tags but to actively measure and compare their success, sending you data to track the effects of any changes you make. It will also check your tagging syntax and structure for any errors to ensure you don’t accidentally break your site (something that causes much agony when there’s a time delay between developer and marketer), and offers a preview mode to check how the changes will appear before they go live. Google Tag Manager isn’t just for Google-based tracking tags either – you can manage any tag you require, making it an extremely comprehensive service.

The Google Tag Manager user interface is simple and straightforward to use and requires no HTML knowledge beyond editing tags, so anyone involved with marketing or site management should consider it if they’re finding themselves frustrated with getting small changes to go live. Google Tag Manager doesn’t just make life easier, it gives you better insights and information, leading to higher conversions and success.

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