Half Of All Google Search World Wide Is Now Mobile

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

mobile searchIn case you were wondering how important optimising your website for mobile searchers is, the answer from Google is now a resounding “very”. The search giant – which is responsible for the vast majority of all internet searches – is notorious for withholding information and only dispensing what it wants to. That’s how you know that this is a big deal – according to Google, half of all Google searches that are occurring worldwide are now happening on mobile.

This isn’t a sudden or shocking announcement – back in May, Google had already confirmed that this was the case, but it only applied to 8 countries. Now they’ve confirmed that it’s a world wide trend. of course, this doesn’t mean it’s true for every single country, as it’s a global average statistic. However it does highlight a massive shift that’s occurred with how people use the internet – something that will continue to change as tablets become more and more powerful. Microsoft just announced details of the Surface Pro 4, which practically an entire top-line functioning computer in a slim tablet form, and Apple is also releasing the iPad Pro, which will give their popular tablet line even more grunt. These hybrids blur the line between desktop and mobile, and are likely to mark the new standard in personal computing, even for casual users. This helps explain the meteoric mobile search growth – mobile devices are becoming just as capable of handling complex internet tasks as dedicated desktop devices.

The growth is also due in part to the fact that we now live in an age where consumers expect to have any answer to any question, instantly. Where to eat, what to buy, which movie to see – the answers to everything are a simple search away as long as you have your smart phone. Therefore not only are people searching with a different medium, they’re searching for different things than even just a few years previously. When thinking about keywords and key phrases for your website, it’s important to consider – what would people be looking for right now?

This news from Google doesn’t mean the start of a new way of thinking by any means – experts have long emphasized the importance of mobile search for SEO. However it does confirm that the medium is still growing, and likely has a lot of growth left in it.

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