How Illustrations Can Enhance Your Web Design

Monday, May 21st, 2012

How Illustrations Can Enhance Your Web Design

Many website developers are turning to a new medium to express their ideas and engage readers in a new and exciting way. Illustrations are becoming an increasingly popular design solution, from business websites to blogs, and fill a range of essential functions.

Why Use Illustrations In Web Design?

We live in an increasingly visual web world. With fast broadband speeds, high resolution screens and a penchant for instant appeal and gratification, illustrations are a way to communicate your product or brand quickly and effectively. Gone are the days of text-based pages – it’s safe to play with graphic images as the main or even only component of your site. Precedence goes to memorable concepts or illustrations, injected with humour and often a hint of whimsy. Readers remember these, and they can be used to communicate your business ideas in many simple ways:

  •  Create a symbol for your product that instantly explains and defines it, such as the Twitter bird.
  •  If your business prides itself on being creative, friendly or even just slightly out of the norm, reflect that with your illustration style.
  •   Explain potentially dull or un-engaging facts such as business functions or user instructions in a reader-friendly way.
  • Make your website distinctly share-able – when an illustration strikes people as clever or funny, it’s more likely to get shared and spread around social media and blog sites.
  •  Give people a reason to click onto your articles and blog posts.

Examples Of Illustrations Around the Web

With their Google Doodle, Google blends the old and new by intermittently revamping its classic logo for special events with a range of illustrative “doodles”. These often go viral for their wit, skill and relevance to a certain date – an amazing way of advertising.

For the Mozilla Thunderbird splash page, Mozilla uses a bright, colourful illustrated character to lift the concept of a mail client from the depths of dull office use into something fun and useful for everyday people.

Infographics such as “How to Choose the Right Backpack” communicate information in a way that makes people want to read it. It’s that simple. Infographics are perfect for explaining difficult or dull concepts, or comparing and contrasting statistics or information.


If you’re interested in adding the value of illustrations to your website in a simple and easy way, the Avatar public domain Image Library provides a range of bright, hand-drawn illustrations that can be added to any blog post, page or article to provide extra visual interest and engagement.

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Katie is a lover of words and art, born and raised in Christchurch. With a BA in English and Japanese, she’s happiest tapping away at her keyboard writing copy or articles, or else working on the latest illustration. To balance the creative side, Katie is also very motivated and a bit of a perfectionist, which helps with her SEO duties. Although her hobbies could probably be described as art, art and more art, she also enjoys long walks, good friends and travel.

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