How The Rise In Smartphones Affects New Zealand Business

Friday, June 15th, 2012

A recent study released by Google shows that smartphone usage in New Zealand is at an all-time high, and is only set to continue rising. So what does this mean for businesses? What kind of applications are available, and how can they improve your customer engagement and sales? There are many answers, including some that are waiting to be created. To start with, here are just a few of the most common ones:

Mobile Shopping

Although still not mainstream in New Zealand, mobile shopping is a global trend that is accelerating fast. 52% of smartphone users make at least one purchase on their mobile phone per month. The reasoning is simple – it’s easy to do, and it’s right there when you want it. No waiting to get to a computer or store, mobile shopping is pure impulse shopping. Making your products or services available online is an increasingly efficient way of putting them directly in reach of buyers.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are lightweight applications designed to run on a smartphone interface. They’re high on functionality, usability, and compact design. Some are streamlined versions of a larger website or service, while others are specially created to fill a need that arises on-the-go. The average smartphone user installs 25 apps – a number that demonstrates the readiness to adopt new apps if they are useful and good value for money. If your business provides a service that would benefit from being accessed on a mobile phone, creating an app is a great way to measure downloads and possibly generate extra income.

Mobile Research

Having constant access to the internet and searches means that 66% of smartphone users have used their phone to research a product or service. 25% percent of users say they look up products on the go, with 14% doing so in stores and cafes respectively. Expect your customers to make increasingly informed, critical choices, and ensure you have the information available online to be a competitive option.

Mobile Websites

A core feature of most smartphones is the ability to browse the internet. This is how more and more people will research your business, service or product when they want to find out where it is, what it does, and if it’s worth their while. Having a mobile website speaks directly to this audience and gives them an interface that is lightweight and loads easily on their phone, and provides the information they’re looking for right away.

With smartphone usage only set in increase in New Zealand, this is a trend that cannot be ignored. Mobile culture favours snappy, simple applications and websites, a design philosophy that should be considered as you tap into this expanding market.

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