How To Maximise Facebook Advertising Returns

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

facebook advertisingFacebook has the potential to be a great marketing tool for new businesses, or those looking to find a new audience. It connects you directly with consumers and allows you to build trust and create a bond. However, it can take a while and some time in order to gather the momentum needed to self-propagate the content you post to it. One way to give yourself a boost when you’re first starting out is to purchase Facebook advertising – this will display your business to people who Facebook thinks might connect with your product or service. But if you’re paying for Facebook advertising, it’s essential to make the most of it to maximise any returns you get.

  • Define your goals. Do you want followers to your page, traffic to your website or blog, or to push conversions? You need to decide what you want out of your advertising, and then tailor it towards those goals.
  • Create professional, eye-catching banner ads. Banner advertisements are a large part of Facebook’s advertising platform, and will put them in front of potential customers. You should spend time making sure they’re high quality, and have a powerful call to action. However seeing the same banner over and over again can cause what’s sometimes called “banner blindness”, which means that the viewers become desensitized to the information contained in the banner. Having several banner designs and rotating them is a good way to keep your ads fresh.
  • Have your page ready and full of content. No matter how well it’s advertised, no one will be interested in a page that looks empty and barren. Make sure you have a description, plenty of images, and regular status updates before you begin advertising.
  • Offer some value. Why should people follow your page rather than simply go to your website and fulfil the conversion there? You might offer special deals, information, entertainment, or simply post content (both yours and from around the web) that is relevant and useful for people with a specific interest. Give people a reason to stick around and see what you’ll post next. Make sure the top posts on your timeline when you purchase the advertising are all useful.
  • Keep engaged. Once you get your new audience, you need to keep them interested – Facebook advertising doesn’t guarantee that people will keep following your page, just that they’ll see it. It’s up to you to keep posting valuable, entertaining or educational posts. Reply to comments and answer any questions to show that you’re an active and engaged page manager.

Paying for Facebook advertising can be a useful tool to establish your presence on this leading New Zealand social media site, but thought needs to be put into your strategy. View the Facebook for Business page for further useful links.

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