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Friday, March 10th, 2017

Marketing InfluenceUsing celebrities or people who excel in their chosen field to promote a product or service is a tried and true marketing method in the marketing industry. However the use of influential not-so-famous people on social media and various internet platforms has added a whole new dimension to targeting specific audiences.  

Known as Influencer Marketing, this modern marketing concept makes use of internet-famous celebrities like bloggers or YouTubers and/or people with large groups of followers on social media platforms, most commonly Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, to increase exposure of a brand to a very specific set of niche consumers.

Using relevant influencers effectively targets consumers who are likely to show an interest in your product or service as they are already paying attention to the influencer (who is presumably linked somehow to specific topics relating to your brand).

Why Is Influencer Marketing Important?

Trust is such a key factor in this age of millennials and market saturation. People are less swayed by blatant advertising and prefer to make purchase decisions by researching brands themselves or on recommendation from someone they trust. Good influencers are engaging and genuine with their followers, after having built long standing ‘relationships’ with them over a period of time, establishing a solid basis for trust.

Here are some interesting stats (thanks to Brian Zuercher contributor at Search Engine Watch) that can help us understand why trust in influencer marketing is so important.

  • Only 22% of brands are actually considered to be trusted.
  • 61% of women won’t engage with sponsored content if it doesn’t feel genuine.
  • 43% of millennials rank authenticity above content.
  • 60% of YouTube subscribers would follow product advice from their favourite YouTube creator over that of a traditional celebrity.
  • 83% of consumers trust recommendations from their peers rather than traditional advertising.
  • 54% of consumers believe smaller niche communities have a bigger influence.

How To Choose A Good Influencer

Social influencers can be found across all markets in New Zealand, everything from charities to food to clothing, however the key to successful influencer marketing is selecting the right influencers for your brand. As part of the influencer selection process it is important to consider the types of topics, blogs and tweets that your target audience would follow in relation to your brand, here are a few key points to remember when choosing a good influencer.

  • Engagement. This one is at the top of the list, look for evidence of engagement within influencers posts. Are people actually watching the videos, retweeting and adding comments etc. Keep in mind it is possible some people may have purchased followers.
  • Context. As New Zealand business entrepreneur Iyia Liu discovered when initially promoting her Waist Trainers through influencer Rosanna Arkle, just because someone is likely to use your product doesn’t mean their followers will be interested in purchasing it.
  • Scope. The two-way online marketplace for collaboration between influencers and marketers – The Social Club defines an influencer as someone with over 1000 followers. The number of followers will obviously have an effect on potential target audience numbers, although many smaller niche influencers can provide the benefit of a more localised approach, which can be especially useful in New Zealand.

Although care must be taken around disclosure and the authenticity of influencer endorsements (the rules around this in New Zealand are a little blurry), influencer marketing can be an effective low cost marketing tool, particularly for small business. The full potential of influencer marketing including the ability to increase brand impact and by association – sales, is not yet tapped here in New Zealand, but we are sure to see a lot more influencer based marketing in the very near future. 

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