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Thursday, January 14th, 2010

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Back in the 80’s a classic film came out called ‘2010: The Year We Make Contact‘. We suspect most of you will not be making contact with an alien intelligence this year, but you will likely want to regularly communicate with your clients and business associates.

Email newsletters are a fast and cost-effective way for businesses to keep their clients up-to-date and engaged. A recent US study has shown that two thirds of respondents said they were more likely to click on a link to a company’s Web site via an email versus typing in the URL. Email campaigns work for a number of reasons:

  • Build relationships, loyalty and trust
  • Provide clients and potential customers with valuable links to your Web site, thus increasing traffic flow
  • Fast and effective way of communicating with clients
  • They can also help boost your rankings if you optimise your newsletters and put a copy on your website

A well-written eNewsletter can be a subtle and highly effective way to build credibility with your clients. Some quick initial tips:

  • Aim to create a relationship with your customers and encourage them to use your newsletter as a resource.
  • Try to avoid including third party adverts or continually pushing hard for the sale so your clients aren’t put off.
  • Discuss relevant topics in each newsletter so your customer feels they are being kept in the loop on important information and company news.
  • Ensure you write unique, quality content that will benefit the audience. Provide information that saves them time by distilling information into practical advice.

A key selling point for eNewsletters is that they can be very cost-effective to send: you can email a newsletter to thousands of users at a fraction of the cost of printed mailings. With Avatar’s email tool Rocket Mailing, you can create and send targeted, personalised email messages and measure the impact your newsletters are having on all your customers. We also provide a newsletter design and production service, should you require assistance with your email campaigns. Get in touch with Avatar for more eNewsletter tips or to get started.

If you’re not using eNewsletters already, then why not evaluate if 2010 is the year you make contact with your clients.

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Mark started working in the Internet industry in 1994. He went on to startup New Zealand Tourism Online, Avatar and other companies. Mark enjoys meeting with clients and strategising online marketing solutions.

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