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Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

BarometerFind out how New Zealanders access the internet, what they do and how they buy things online to optimise your online presence.

The Consumer Barometer with Google is a statistic bundle put together to offer insights to New Zealand businesses about the behaviour of local customers – particularly how they interact with the internet, online searches and digital retail. New Zealand has its own unique mobile and online ecosystem, and businesses can benefit from reviewing the particular habits and needs of Kiwis to understand their online buying patterns.

Mobile Use

The findings show that in New Zealand, mobile use is higher than ever before. There are 2.6 mobile devices connected to the internet per person in New Zealand – 79% of people using a smart phone, 72% using a tablet and 32% using a mobile computer. 8 out of 10 people own a smart phone, which makes it an essential target market for any online business. The highest usage demographic was under 25 at 92%, however usage rates remained at 84% for people aged 25-44. Mobiles are used for searching, shopping, gaming, travelling, watching videos and communication. With half of all people using their smart phones to make searches on a weekly basis, mobile search is clearly a key part of SEO as well as wider online marketing campaigns.

Online Shopping

People are also shopping more online – but just as importantly to businesses, they’re also doing their research online too. 51% of people look online to research a purchase, and 18% of those will only check online. To keep up with competitors and ensure that consumers choose your product, it’s essential that you have adequate information and good reviews online. This is especially important for industries such as flight tickets, ground travel, cinema tickets and hotel stays. 56% of people used the internet to compare different choices, giving them the power to survey a range of options without having to visit multiple stores. For 39% of people, search engines are the way they choose to do this, so having good search presence is essential for a competitive presence. The data goes into deeper detail about different industries within online search and consumer circles and describes the user behaviour in each one.

Online Video

Mobile devices are being used more and more to access online video, with 7 out of 10 people doing so. However, poor mobile data speeds and low allowances seem to cause people to watch at home rather than on the go – with 94% watching their videos at home. 55% of people watch for entertainment purposes, and 70% of people watch videos every week. They are usually watched in the evening.

Full data can be found on the Consumer Barometer With Google website, and gives an up-to-date look at the latest trends and figures.

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