Preventing Pogo-Sticking On Your Website

Monday, February 9th, 2015

pogoPogo-sticking refers to searchers clicking through to a website, from the search engine results page, then quickly clicking back. It indicates to search engines, like Google and Bing, that the searcher was not happy with the site they clicked on. It’s a frustrating experience for searchers and, therefore, something search engines want to avoid as much as possible. If your website is one of the websites that users pogo stick away from, this sends a signal to search engines that you don’t deserve the top spot in the rankings.

The main cause of pogo-sticking is a website that is attracting the wrong audience and they are therefore leaving your site unsatisfied. It can also mean you’re attracting the right audience but not meeting their needs. There are a number of major ways your website may be failing users:

  • Website taking too long to load, especially the main page. Sometimes people will simply assume your website is broken or unavailable.
  • A confusing or poorly designed landing page. A landing page needs to be easy to understand at a single glance,as well as providing clear information and a succinct path for visitors to follow to get to the next stage.
  • Annoying or cumbersome page elements. Autoplay videos take a long time to load and can be extremely invasive for users. Many times people will simply click away from an autoplay.
  • Pages targeting the wrong search terms. A key cause of pogo-sticking is that your website is receiving visitors from keywords that you don’t have quality content for. There is no point in receiving these visits and, if enough of them click away immediately, it will have a negative impact on your overall SEO strength.

Two main considerations to prevent pogo-sticking:

  1. Only target keyword phrases that are actually relevant to what you and your website offer.
  2. Create pages that quickly and easily address the needs of visitors.

You need to think like a searcher. Consider what they want from your website and how easy it is for them to attain this. If you can get people engaged you’ll avoid the negative effects of pogo-sticking and build a stronger website for conversions.

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