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Sunday, July 12th, 2015

rebrandKeeping a fresh brand is an essential part of assuring customers that you’re up to date, on board with modern trends, and financially prosperous. One aspect is certainly updating the website design and structure, but sometimes it’s time to re-think your entire brand. It gives you the opportunity to shed out-of-date names, taglines, colours and logos, as well as consider the direction you want your business to continue in the future. However, you don’t always want to end up starting completely afresh – remaining recognisable to your existing customer base is something to consider. Depending on your business, there are many different ways to approach how you can rebrand your business website and one optional strategy can be to stagger changes so that no single major thing happens at once.

Some areas you may want to consider rebranding include:       

  • Business URL. Changing a business URL (website address) needs to be done very carefully to ensure you don’t lose your standing in search result rankings. The key step is to setup “301 redirects” for your previous pages. For example, needs to redirect nicely to In addition, you want your top links that were linking to the old site to swap over to link to your new site. Changing your website address can be a good step if it makes it easier to communicate and advertise, but it shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you have an established domain ranking well in search engines, then be prepared for the possibility of losing traffic in the short-term while search engines re-evaluate your new address.
  • Logos and graphics. These are one of the quickest things to become outdated in website design. Unless you think very carefully and have a timeless design, many logos could do with an update every 5-10 years – not necessarily a complete overhaul, but sprucing up to bring them in line with modern practices. You can also completely redesign your logo, but all the implications of this need to be carefully weighed up.
  • Business Name. Again, not a step to be taken lightly, but a necessary step for some businesses. It may signal a change in direction for your business, or an attempt at a new audience. Some laborious work is required to update any sites linking to you to use your new business name.
  • Website design. If you don’t want to make any major changes to the logo or name of your company, you can achieve a lot simply by refreshing the design of your site. Web design practices change every few years, so it’s good to stay on trend.

Additional reading about rebranding:

Rebranding your website is a great way to refresh and readjust to target a new audience, to update yourself and remain relevant, as well as to reconsider the direction of your brand.

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