Top 10 Reasons Your CTA Isn’t Working

Monday, December 7th, 2015

megaphoneA call to action (CTA) is measured by the results it gets and the main measure of success is if people click on it. Websites and their audience widely differ, so what may work on one website won’t always work on another website. Trial and error is essential, and the right fit for your site will be unique to you. However if your CTAs aren’t performing as well as you’d like them to, there are a few common reasons that might be behind it.

  1. They can’t find it. Your call to action might be obvious to you – but that’s because you’re the one who has placed it there. To you, it seems like an obvious progression and signpost to the next step. However, it might not be so obvious to visitors. The only way to know is to get fresh eyes to test it.
  2. They don’t get or want the benefits. A call to action isn’t just “do this” – it’s “do this, and here’s why”. If you haven’t underlined what a visitor stands to gain by following the call to action, make sure you state this clearly.
  3. It’s the wrong colour. Colour psychology does play a part in convincing customers to click and convert, so it’s worth doing research to select the optimal hues you’re using to try and get people moving in the right direction.
  4. You have too many. A landing page for a specific service or product will typically have only one call to action, or you can risk splitting the focus and create indecision. The homepage and section pages can have more than one, but each should have a clear target audience.
  5. You don’t have a strong goal. To have a solid call to action, you must have a solid goal and buyer profile in mind. Think about who you want to click this and what they are looking for.
  6. It’s too far down. Unless you have killer copy and images to convince people to scroll, your call to action should be “above the fold” – i.e. visible on the screen from the moment the visitor arrives on the page.
  7. The wording isn’t quite right. “Start your free trial” and “start my free trial” might not seem that different, but adding the extra connection to the visitor can have a big impact. Experiment with different variations on phrasing to find the right fit for your audience.
  8. Your CTA isn’t mobile-friendly. 50% of all search worldwide happens on mobile devices. If people can’t click your CTA on a mobile device, you’re most likely missing out on a chunk of potential audience.
  9. Something else grabs their attention. Sometimes people aren’t clicking on your intended CTA because they’re distracted by something else on the page that seems more appealing. That’s a good thing – find out what it is and turn that into a CTA instead.
  10. 10. Your website isn’t impressive enough. Sometimes it’s not the CTA, it’s the website that it’s on. If your design is outdated with clunky content, consider a refresh to help keep people interested.

Finding the right CTA does take some focussed effort, as every audience and website is different. However, there are common roadblocks that can be easily fixed and might be costing you valuable conversions.

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