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Thursday, October 29th, 2009

real time search

Google and Bing have announced that they will start indexing messages sent via microblogging service Twitter, instantly. While some posts from Twitter are already showing up in the search engines, deals struck with Twitter will allow all public feeds to be shown almost as soon as they have been written.

We are quietly impressed with this new development here at Avatar, imagine searching for information on the weather conditions at your favourite ski resort and finding fresh, up-to-the minute details from people who are there enjoying the day.

If you’re a Twitter user, here are a few tips to getting found in real-time searchers:

Make Use of Keywords – Use relevant keywords in your tweets. If the right keywords are used, then more than likely those keywords will appear in the resulting tweets from your followers.

Talk About Current Events – By simply mentioning timely events this will help to add you into any results for searches pertaining to that topic.

The More Followers the Better – The more people you have following you on a social network or blog the more people you will have sharing your information.

Get People Talking – Promote conversation on your blog or social network, try to start conversations that people are interested in. The more conversations you are engaged in the more feedback you are likely to get.

This is a new and emerging concept of social marketing which Avatar is following closely, so get in touch if you would like to discuss a social media marketing strategy for your organisation.

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