Typical Tasks Of An SEO Consultant

Monday, October 5th, 2015

daily seoWhat does an SEO specialist actually do all day? SEO tasks can sound confusing if you’re not familiar with the terms and lingo. Each SEO consultant has their own way of doing things, but here are some example tasks you would typically expect to see.

Liaising With Clients
The point of SEO is to work in unison with the client’s needs, and with the client’s other marketing campaigns. Talking to the client allows the consultant to understand how SEO can be applied to best serve their needs, such as bringing traffic to a particular page to begin the buying process, or targeting audiences who are more likely to be interested in purchasing the client’s product.

Technical Auditing
Auditing a client’s website, social media and ad campaigns is a large part of an SEO’s work. SEO isn’t about simply checking off some boxes – it needs to be reactive and adaptable, playing up to strengths and keeping an eye on any areas where things could be improved. Auditing involves reviewing Google Analytics stats such as traffic, sources, devices and conversions, improving site speed, checking on social media likes and shares, checking on competitors and checking the AdWords campaign to ensure that the advertising dollars are being spent on clicks that actually convert into profits.

Researching Keywords
Targeting useful keywords is one of the keys to strong SEO, and need to account for not only the website’s content but also the kind of things people are searching for. A good starting point is a discussion with the client, and then taking these ideas to more powerful keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Planner. A large part of keyword research is also checking the current positioning of keywords, especially for any major drops or rises. Then also identifying additional related keywords and doing latent semantic analysis.

Building Authority
Good quality links to your website are an indication to Google that other people endorse your website. They give your site more authority, which makes it appear higher in the rankings. Link building can be done in several ways including outreach, which involves contacting other marketers or industry professionals and often offering links or resources in exchange.

Content Creation
Developing quality, optimised content is hugely important for SEO. Good content that engages the viewer and encourages them to share it is great for visibility and getting higher rankings in the SERPs. Consultants will also often create content specifically to address a keyword area or to build a resource that they can try to get linked to from other websites.

Social Media
Generally links from social media aren’t super-powerful authority-wise, but the audience they reach can be very important for some industries. Building an audience and nurturing a community builds loyalty, brand awareness and encourages sharing. Having an effective Google+ presence is a must for all businesses and organisations that are serious about SEO.

It’s important for an SEO consultant to communicate what work they’ve done and what results the website is getting. Reports should include the information and data that’s relevant and explain it in a way that makes it easy to understand. Reports are also a good way for the consultant themselves to analyse the data, and to make decisions for the best course of action going forward.

SEO consultants perform a wide range of tasks, from analysis through to strategising. The work is constantly changing to suit the client’s needs, to match recent industry developments, and to play to the strengths of the campaign.

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