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Monday, August 20th, 2012

The difference between an average website and a truly profitable one comes down to one thing – marketing. You can create the most high-tech, content rich site imaginable, but until you market it correctly it simply sits in a void, unconnected and unvisited. The internet is such a vast place and practically anyone can build anything, meaning you need to stand out from the competition if you want to be the link everyone clicks.

It’s important to think about marketing even during the foundational stages of the web design process. This will make it much easier later on to implement your strategies. Web marketing comes in an array of forms, and it’s wise to implement a diverse plan to get stable results.


Search Engine Optimisation is arguably the most important web marketing tool you can invest in. Ranking highly on Google for key search terms is the strongest way to bring fresh active traffic to your site on a daily basis. Web design that includes even basic SEO practises is important for the long-term development of your site, whether you aim to play with the big dogs or target smaller, more specific keywords.

Fresh Content

It’s becoming more and more standard for web sites of all kinds to have a blog. Why? For both SEO strength (as each post gives you opportunity to utilise keywords and build authority) but also for the human experience factor. Visitors are more likely to keep checking back or pass on your links if something genuinely valuable has come from it. Google has also upped the importance of fresh content with the release of Caffeine, making your new pages available to the internet at large sooner.

Social Media Connectivity

Depending on your business, getting shared on social media give your website a tangible advantage. Having your links shared and traded on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ is a great sign that your site, service or product is actively engaging with people. These organic links can be worth a lot, as people trust their friends more than advertising or even a search engine. In addition, social messages are starting to be recognised by search engines. Build social media sharing buttons into your web design to make it easy for users to spread your content.

Clear Goals and Focus

Any web design should be sale or goal focused. The easier it is for customers to get what they’re looking for, the more likely their interest is to convert into sales. When designing a website, think about the specific needs of your customer base and how you can use the construction of the site to cater to them.

Having a solid marketing strategy is just as important as having solid web design. If you need help getting your site out there, contact the team at Avatar.

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