Yellowbird Interactive Video

Thursday, October 15th, 2009


We’re suitably impressed here at Avatar with yellowBird’s 360 degree 3D video technology. It sets a very exciting precedent for online video, as it allows the viewer to peek beyond the frames and control the viewing direction. Check out the sample video here shot at a music concert, and you’ll understand why we think it’s worth blogging about.

Dutch company yellowBird is behind this exciting new viewing platform. Using technology utilised by Google Street View, scenes are shot with a camera using six divided lenses capturing 25 frames per second and then put together in video format. Footage can then be teamed with the actual audio from the scene, sound effects or music and the result is a viewing experience that allows you to feel like you are actually there, hovering above the action.

It’s just the beginning for this type of interactive video so it’ll be very interesting to see how this technology is utilised in the future.

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