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Wednesday, January 26th, 2011


Many website operators spend most of their time trying to achieve great rankings and attract traffic to their site without giving enough regard for what happens when visitors get there. Fine tuning your site, so that you maximise your website’s goal conversions, is an often overlooked area that can have a huge impact on your site’s performance. A website conversion can be a number of things, for example, a visitor making an enquiry, downloading a free brochure, signing up for a newsletter or, of course, making a purchase.

To achieve this, your site needs clear, simple and compelling calls to action on every landing page. Try testing different offers or wording to see what generates the best response. Consider including a ‘Live Chat’ option on your site where visitors can immediately talk to one of your team online. If you suspect your site’s layout and content is not hitting the target, then try the USD$39 UserTesting.com service to get someone else’s opinion on what improvements are needed. If your goal conversions involve multiple steps, such as a shopping cart order process, then carefully review if your site visitors are dropping off too early before the conversion completes.

Google Analytics has become the default method of measuring and monitoring a website’s key statistics, and enables you to monitor goal conversions easily. Make sure you put it on your radar to review the data at least once a month and develop some KPI’s for your site that you continually work on.

Avatar focuses on creating web design and marketing solutions that achieve conversions, so talk to us if you’d like to discuss further website conversion ideas in 2011.

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