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Monday, July 6th, 2009


It will be interesting to see what Microsoft’s new search engine Bing will do in the New Zealand search space. Google has over 90% market share of New Zealand search traffic, so time will tell if Microsoft’s US$80 to $100 million spend on their marketing launch makes an impact. Granted, little of that spend has trickled to Southern shores but maybe their marketing strategy will expand out over time.

One neat thing is that each day Bing displays a different photo from an international location on their front page.  As for the search results, there’s a clean and fast loading layout, and when you hover over a result, a useful box appears on the right containing a short description and key links for that site.

I’m seeing the Avatar site a couple of times in the top 10 for ‘christchurch web design’ so that’s an OK start from Avatar HQ’s perspective. Keep it up Chairman Gates.

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