Common Reasons Online Shoppers Abandon Carts

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

shopping cartWith all the insight Google Analytics offers us these days, it can sometimes be more bamboozling than insightful – you see people getting all the way through your shopping cart, but they then abandon the purchase. Without being able to reach through the internet and ask people “hey, what went wrong?”, it can be discouraging to see these stats. It’s useful to review some of the common reasons that online shoppers frequently abandon their shopping carts.

  • Lack of trust and transparency. Only revealing certain fees like insurance and shipping until the end of the buying process can destroy the trust you’ve built up between yourself and the online customer. Being upfront about added costs can put you ahead as an honest and open retailer. Just the act of buying something online takes a lot of trust – about the quality of the product and about putting payment details online. Highlight testimonials and reviews from previous customers, and emphasize the security systems in place. For those struggling to earn faith in their payment system, PayPal is a respected option.
  • Not sure they’re getting the best deal. Customers often get all the way through to check out before wondering whether this is actually the best deal available to them. You can’t stop them from browsing and finding better prices elsewhere, but you can take this opportunity to offer further incentive. Remind them of any special deals or discounts that are being applied to their order – everyone loves to see the savings right in front of them. You can also have pop-ups that appear when the user moves their mouse towards the “exit” button.
  • Long checkout process. If your checkout takes too long to complete or demands too much information, customers are liable to give up entirely. If possible, avoid a necessary sign up – let them form a guest account, and then send emails reminding them to sign up later. Ensure there aren’t too many steps to process – ideally just an order confirmation, address confirmation and payment processing. Make it easy to pay through a variety of methods – some people don’t trust credit card payments, while others don’t have a Paypal.

If you’re getting your customers most of the way there, you’re already doing most of the hard work. A key focus is to make the process simpler and help your online shoppers get across the line.

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