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Monday, July 23rd, 2012

A new trend is sweeping the web design world, only it is more than a trend – Responsive Web Design (or RWD) a new way of presenting internet content on mobile devices that’s fast becoming standard. With more and more users accessing the internet from their smartphones, laptops or netbooks, many of the people viewing your website will be doing so from smaller, unconventional sized screens. A responsive web page detects the screen size currently being used and automatically resizes and readjusts the elements of the page so that it can be viewed optimally. A flexible and fluid layout is required to meet and respond to the user’s specific needs.

Do I Need a Responsive Website?

The first thing to check is how many visitors your website receives that are accessing via mobile devices. If it’s above 5%, then it’s worth your while to give those users an engaging, positive experience. People using a mobile to access websites are usually highly motivated towards a certain purpose (such as finding information, local listings or making a purchase). It’s a growing market that’s certainly worth responding to.

Sites That Benefit From Responsive Design

Alternatively, if your website targets an audience that currently or could potentially want to access your product or service on portable devices, then having a responsive website is crucial. Examples of businesses this might include are:

  • Online shops – Allows mobile users to shop on the go, make price comparisons easily and encourages impulse purchases.
  • Restaurants or cafes – Gives customers access to the info as soon as they decide they are hungry.
  • Businesses with online product info – Allows customers to take info and specifications with them when they shop.
  • Businesses that rely on local traffic – If integrated with Google Places, allows users to find your website based on a nearby location.
  • Tech or IT related businesses – Many customers will use tablets or mobile devices, so its essential that your website looks good on them.

Having a responsive website means that when people want to use your site on the go, everything they need is easily accessed and right at their fingertips. Providing them with a simple user interface directs them towards their goals, meaning more conversions for your business.

Avatar can work with the site you already have to create a responsive design website, or build one from scratch. We can advise you on the content that should remain, as well as what needs to be cut for a smaller screen, and offer solutions to get the information you need available to as many people as possible.

If you’d like to discuss how a RWD site could work for you and your business, get in touch with the team at Avatar to find out what’s involved.

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