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Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

When it comes to SEO, investing time and effort to produce long term stability and results is the best way to go. Blogs have long been recognised as a pillar of building good strong rankings, as they produce high quality content that is genuinely useful – something search engine algorithms will always value. They do represent a high investment of time however, which is why it’s important to maximise the gains you make from them. These tips will help you get the best bang for your blogging buck.

  • Title like a searcher – We all instinctively know what to type into search engines to try and get the most relevant and accurate results, so apply this to your blog titles. Phrase it as closely as you can to a likely search phrase, and use tools like Ubersuggest to get actual data on how people are searching.
  • Title format – This actually does make a difference to how search engines read your post, and the best practice is Post Title | Blog Title
  • Diversify relevant keywords – This doesn’t mean cramming as many tangentially related keywords into a single article as possible, it simply means using a few well-chosen keywords related to the main topic. If you’re writing good copy this will often happen naturally, but you may wish to edit a bit to achieve the best possible effect.  Getting the exact right balance is something of an art form.
  • Link to previous posts with contextual keyword links – This provides a link back to original content, which makes it easier for search engine robots to crawl and is good for readers and making sure older posts don’t go to waste.
  • Image titles – If you’re using original images in particular, it’s a good idea to title images so that they can be found on Google Image searches for an extra SEO boost.
  • Words over pictures – It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but unfortunately search engine algorithms are not known for appreciating art. They can only read the text on the page, so where possible it’s better to have words rather than images, and for image heavy posts make sure all the image alt tags and titles are filled out.
  • Add comments to other blogs – The links produced by commenting on other people’s blogs aren’t going to be supercharged in terms of SEO “link juice”, but they create a solid back link profile from a range of sources. Use the title of your site/blog rather than your own name and try to mix it up so that it registers as different keywords, but avoid being spammy. You should only ever comment if you can think of something useful and meaningful to say.
  • Submit content to someone else’s blog – It’s not easy saying goodbye to content you’ve worked long and hard over, but sometimes it can do much more good for you on another website. Not only will it provide a link from a high quality source, it’ll also bring you new traffic and visitors who are interested in what you have to say. A number of sites help connect bloggers with sites seeking guest posts.

These tips will help take your blog to the next level, and give your website a competitive edge in the search rankings.

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Katie is a lover of words and art, born and raised in Christchurch. With a BA in English and Japanese, she’s happiest tapping away at her keyboard writing copy or articles, or else working on the latest illustration. To balance the creative side, Katie is also very motivated and a bit of a perfectionist, which helps with her SEO duties. Although her hobbies could probably be described as art, art and more art, she also enjoys long walks, good friends and travel.

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