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Sunday, January 17th, 2010

The New Year has arrived, and so has the time to update the copyright date on your website and/or blog. You may not consider this a priority, but from a branding point of view, it is important to show your customers that your site is up to date, and also makes your site appear more professional.

If you have a footer file (e.g. footer.php), which is attached to every page, updating your copyright date should be easy, as you’ll only have to change the date in this file and re-upload it. To make things even simpler, you could insert an automatic code into the file in place of the date: which takes the date from your server and thus will update itself every year, so you’ll only have to do it once (this can also be done with WordPress sites).

If you don’t have a footer file or a WordPress site and the date is in the code on every page of your site, you could search and replace the date to make the job quicker.

If you need assistance updating your copyright date, please contact us for details of our website update service.

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