Written by: Steph Kendall, Published October 2007

In an ideal world, the best laid marketing or promotional campaigns of cyber mice and men never go wrong because of timely planning. The truth, of course, often proves somewhat different, but the great thing about online promotions is that there is always something you can do that is fast, simple and effective (and if necessary, last minute).

In this article we offer a few thoughts on how to set up a stress-free and successful online Christmas promotional campaign.

Stress-free & Successful Christmas Promotions

We’ve included a few suggested timings, but if you prefer to work to other dates, that’s fine. Just remember your online Christmas marketing may become more time-consuming (and stress-inducing) the later you leave it.

  1. First, decide exactly what you want to do.
    Here are a few suggestions for contacting customers and promoting your business this yuletide:

    Timeline: By end of October.

  2. Work out your budget and aim to stick to it. There is a wide range of choices available for online promotions ranging from a couple of hundred dollars to squillions!
    Timeline: By end of October.
  3. Tell your designer (or Web promotions company) what your plans are and they’ll help you work out what you need and what you can afford.
    Timeline: 1st week of November.
  4. Get costs, requirements and schedules from all of your suppliers for everything you need such as design, text, consultancy and software.
    Timeline: 1st week of November.
  5. Book in your project. Gather materials, as required, such as photos and text.
    Timeline: 2nd week of November.
  6. Collate your email lists (these must be permission-based in accordance with New Zealand law).
    Timeline: 3rd week of November.
  7. Set up a specialised email campaign account if required, so you can manage mailing lists and track the results of your campaigns on an ongoing basis. Make sure you are familiar with it.
    Timeline: 3rd week of November. (This may take up to 5 working days.)
  8. Send all of your material to your supplier in time to meet their production deadlines (remember it’s a busy time of year for them too, so try not to be late!).
    Timeline: 3rd week of November.
  9. View prototypes and /or drafts. Work on any tweaks and you should have finished material by the 1st week of December!
    Timeline: 1st week of December.
  10. Send your Christmas mailing out. Or set up your search engine advertising. This is the ‘fast fix’ option. You can publish an advert in as little as 30 minutes if you have too, but advance preparation always pays off.
    Timeline: 2nd and 3rd weeks of December.

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