Web Design Questionnaire

Good Web redesign or a new Web site design starts with a good plan. This questionnaire is optional, but will help us to get more clarity around your preferences.

We suggest you first skim through this questionnaire, you may need to consider various items and gather the required information. You may like to print this page out to refer to and then come back and complete it online later, if this is the case.

* denotes that information is required

  • 1.) Company Information

  • 2.) About your web site

    Note: Currently we design our web sites for the “most used” screen size of 1024x768
  • 3.) Materials and information to supply for your web site design

  • To build your Web site we require content from you. You will need to supply Avatar with all photos, custom graphics and your text for the web site design, unless you have chosen to use Avatar's added value services…

    • Photos (image finding)
    • Custom graphics (such as logos)
    • Text (web writing)
  • 4.) Web site marketing information

  • 4.1) Please list at least 3 URLs (web addresses) of your main competitors Web sites:

  • 4.3) Please list at least 3 URLs (web addresses) of high quality sites that you like the look of (these do not have to be sites who's business is similar to yours. This helps us in determining what design style you prefer):

  • Please tell us what it is you like about these sites:

  • 4.4) List 3 different elements that could be used to represent your company (i.e. person walking, tree, house, etc.):

  • 4.5) Describe your company in 4 words:

  • 4.8) What are the 3 key “Calls to action” for your Web site visitors? (i.e. where should visitors be encouraged to go, which pages do you want them to view, what do you want them to do on these pages?)

  • 5.) Other information

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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