Goal Conversions

We’ll track the behavior of your website’s visitors and make strategic adjustments to keep them on your site longer and convert more of your visitors into clients.

It’s crucial to have clarity about what goals you want your website to achieve.

Most websites have a low ‘conversion rate.’ This means that while your site may attract visitors, only a small amount will go on to actually do something.

Improving conversion rates is all about getting visitors to take action. Many industries average less than a 2% conversion rate – that’s a huge void.  It means 98 out of 100 site visitors leave without any meaningful contact. Many viewers are generally seeking specific information and if you don’t fulfill their needs quickly they’ll be off your site in a jiffy.

At Avatar we have worked with hundreds of sites in dozens of industries. This experience allows us to have a great insight into what works and what doesn’t.

Talk to Avatar about your website design or web marketing strategy and we can recommend goal conversion strategies customised for your site.

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