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It’s All About The Demographics

If you want to reach people online, then Facebook Ads are well worth exploring.  Avatar’s online marketing services have contributed to many dozens of successful Facebook Ads campaigns in Christchurch and New Zealand.

Running Google Ads is an excellent method to target people that have intent; they’re typing in a keyword and searching for something to look for an immediate answer.  Whereas Facebook Ads is superior at getting your ad in front of the right target audience; you can get extremely specific about the demographics of who you want your ad to appear in front of.

It’s often the case that Google Ads and Facebook Ads work beautifully in tandem with each other. Also, online platforms are constantly changing, so you ideally want to have at least three pillars supporting your online marketing efforts to avoid being reliant on just one platform.

If you’re serious about getting outstanding results from your Facebook Ads campaign, then contact Avatar, and we’ll put you in touch with New Zealand’s top Facebook experts based in Christchurch.

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