A favicon is a small graphic, which can help support your brand and help your Web site stand out from others. It is seen on browser tabs, in a browser’s location bar, on bookmarks or favourites. Your favicon can be small reproduction of your logo or another small image, which defines your business.

Internet Explorer, Firefox and other popular Web browsers feature tabbed browsing, which enables people to open multiple Web sites in a single browser window. Tabs are the online equivalents of post-it notes or dividers, which can help users to quickly identify and sort out the Web sites they view.

Why Is Tabbed Browsing Popular?

Tabbed browsing is increasingly popular as it creates a less cluttered task bar (or working space) on computers and they also make it easy for people to switch quickly between Web sites.

Why use a favicon?

If someone has a lot of tabs open in their browser window, you can help find and return to the tab for your Web page by using a favicon (favourites icon).


A favicon, such as those shown, is a small graphic, which users see:

What Your Favicon Could Be?

Your favicon could be a small reproduction of your company logo or another small image, which defines your company’s business (e.g. for a winery, your icon could be a wine glass). The trick is in making every pixel in your favicon count, as it’s only a tiny graphic, which needs to be both eye-catching and identifiable.

If you don’t have your own favicon for your Web site, browsers typically default to theirs. If 20 Web page tabs in one Internet Explorer browser window all default to the IE favicon, imagine how much your Web page tab can stand out if it had a different icon attached to it.

A new favicon for your Web site will take us between 30 minutes and 2 hours ($120-$240+gst) to create and upload. If you’re interested in having a favicon for your Web site, simply contact us.

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