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Google AdDiscover how Avatar can help drive more traffic, increase conversions and boost sales for your business.

Google Ads is an online advertising system, created by Google, where businesses pay to show ads within the Google ad network. It is a highly effective way to drive targeted, qualified traffic to your business.

Google Ads often appear at the top of Google’s search result pages, so you get the first chance to have your website seen and to be clicked on.

How Google Ads Can Help Your Business

Speed.Custom Report Google Ads work faster than SEO and campaigns can be turned on or off when you want to. Ads which appear in the first few positions get immediate visibility which means an instant increase in leads and customers.

Brand Awareness. As well as boosting traffic, Google Ads is an effective way to tell people about your brand. People are actively searching for what you have to offer.

Reconnect.  Using Google Ads Retargeting you can reach people who have visited pages on your site but haven’t yet taken any action. 

Measurability.  It is difficult to measure the performance of traditional advertising (such as billboards and newspapers). With Google Ads, you are able to view exactly how a campaign is performing and what your return on investment is.

If you own a landscaping business, for example, you can bid to have your ads appear every time a user types in “landscaper in Christchurch“. Being able to reach customers who are searching for your products and services can be an exceptional and profitable opportunity.

Avatar’s Google Ads Management

Our Google Ads management services include:

Reasons To Choose Avatar

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“Avatar is the best in the country, our Google Ad results have drastically improved our business and their reporting is top-notch too. Highly recommend.”

Billy, Your Property Solutions


How much budget do I need for Google Ads?
At Avatar, we give budget recommendations after identifying your business goals and after reviewing the competitiveness of your industry.

How much does Avatar charge for Google Ads management?
You pay Google directly for your click costs – we don’t mark them up in any way. Each business is different, and we provide customised management solutions for each client. After reviewing your business objectives and industry competitiveness, we’ll let you know which management level would give you the best return on investment.

How do I get my ads to rank in position 1 in Google?
It’s not possible to guarantee a position 1 ranking in Google Ads. There are many contributing factors which result in ranking fluctuations but typically it’s something we work toward.

How do I know my Google Ads are working?
The common-sense answer: You’ll know your ads are working when the phone starts ringing. The pragmatic answer: Google provides reporting tools which show the performance of your campaigns. There are various metrics which can identify the health of your account and give indicators on performance. For example, you can view your click-through rates, impressions, clicks, conversions as well as many other metrics.

Should my strategy be focused on SEO or Google Ads?
The answer to this is often determined by how quickly you need to see results. If your goals are to enhance your site’s credibility and expand your online presence then SEO is a more sensible approach. SEO usually has more search traffic volume to tap into, which makes it attractive. Google Ads is a more quick-fire approach and can generate immediate traffic because you are paying for your ads to appear. In short, SEO supports a longer-term marketing strategy while Google Ads can have you appearing on the first page of Google more quickly.

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