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How We Find the Best Images for You

image-service4Our service is designed not only to save you time, but more importantly to give you the most professional-looking Web site possible. We’ve made the process as easy as possible and associated costs are charged at our standard hourly rate.

How our Image Search service works:

Service Costs

Our Image Search service is charged at Avatar’s standard hourly rate. We estimate that we will find 6 images for you, per hour. However, if you require specialist images, or unusual images, the number of images found in one hour may be fewer than 6. Your designer will be able to offer you additional guidance on this, if needed.

Most images have a usage or royalty fee associated with them. We search for images which cost between NZ$0 – $100, unless otherwise advised by you. Please read our Image Search Terms and Conditions page.

If you have any questions about our Image Search service, please contact us.

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