Monthly SEO Service

We’ll work with you to supercharge your website. Monthly SEO and web marketing services enable you to incrementally improve website performance month on month.

Avatar will customise a service to suit your monthly budget, ranging typically from NZ$660+gst to NZ$3,000+gst per month.

To see consistent growth in your website’s results, you need to have an ongoing marketing plan. It’s simply not something that can be done sporadically every year or two for you to see the best results. A continuous service comprises of an initial optimisation audit and set up, followed by monthly work that enables you to monitor and increase your search engine coverage month by month. The Avatar team will create a customised SEO plan to meet your specific requirements. 

Campaign Setup

It’s important to lay down a solid foundation for your online marketing and promotion campaign by reviewing your site’s current performance and devising a strategy for the next 6 to 12 months. Typically our campaign setups include the following types of areas:

Monthly Tasks

We carry out the following types of services each month:

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