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Newsletter Comments

Whether you’re marketing your business to the New Zealand or overseas market, we hope you’ll find our newsletter useful. We welcome your feedback — whether it’s good, bad or ugly! Enjoy a few comments from our happy readership:

“I have been reading the Avatar Newsletter for a couple of years now and have yet to find one that doesn’t yield some sage morsel or another that I can apply directly to my own websites for better results. Well done and keep them coming!”
Brent Narbey, First Light Travel

“Your newsletter has helped me tremendously with getting our site up in the top 10. Thanks!”
Donna Dohi, Dream Weddings New Zealand

“I devour your newsletters!”
Ada Davis, Arches Lodge

“I have been getting your newsletter for some time and often find things of interest, so thank you.”
Heather Battersby, Winejobsonline.com

“What would we all do without Avatar newsletters and Tidbits? I have just managed to take enough time out of my hectic work schedule to reach a score in the mid-500’s in the Santa game. A worry? Yes, of course it is!”
Amanda Anthoson, Woodcote Beauty Therapy

“Just wanted to say I really like your newsletter, very interesting — a welcome break in the day. Keep up the good work.”
Emma Williams, Canvass

“A must read for anyone who is serious about getting their message across.”
Ramsey Margolis, buzz|dot|net

“As a subscriber to a large number of email newsletters, I rate Avatar News up there with the best. It’s easy to read because it is well laid out and written in plain English. The content is brief but informative, relevant and extremely useful.”
Dianne Sharp, Sharp Thinking

“I spend 40 hours a week writing for websites and newsletters. Avatar News is one of the best; they write about you, the reader, not about themselves.”
Tom Butlin, Digital Stream

“Avatar News has not only got excellent content but is also a great newsletter model to follow.”
James Wilson, Vinoté

“What a great newsletter! We really enjoy the wonderfully succinct and easy to understand advice about building websites / search engine optimisation / general ‘online arsenal’, and the news of Avatar’s new ventures, as well as timely cautions about rogues and scams.”
Anthea Clibborn-Brown, Huntsbury House

“I enjoy your newsletter very much! The content is pitched just right for me – there’s always valuable information but it’s not too technical and is easily understood with lots of useful resources listed. I look forward to getting it every month.”
Trish Greenwood, Castle Hill Furniture Company

“I enjoy reading your newsletter. It’s easy to follow layout, clean lines and useful content make it an easy read. Some good tips on search engine optimisation too; always looking to do things better.”
Richard O’Brien, nzbizbuysell.co

“Brilliant newsletter with genuinely useful stuff, thanks.”
Tim Monck-Mason, Tamarillo Tech

“Keep it up. Your newsletter is easy to digest and consistently delivers the information I need.”
Christine Sandford, The George Hotel

“I really enjoy receiving your newsletter and discovering lots of valuable information.”
Rachael Drummond, Niche Software

“It’s a pleasure reading the Avatar newsletters. At last some advice/hints that are different from all the other advice/hints we are sent.”
Sue Brillard, Hartridge B&B Accommodation

“Thanks for your informative newsletter.”
Kevin McMahon, Stepshift

“This is a leading New Zealand newsletter – it has helped me to come up with some great ideas for my Web site and provides an ongoing reminder of how important Internet marketing is.”
Christine Moore, powerHouse

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