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April 2012

Written By: Mark Rocket & Katie O’Neill
Published By: Avatar Ltd

Greetings All!

This month we’ll do away with the palava and launch straight into things. In this newsletter we talk about Google +1 Strategies, we offer a great selection of fascinating tidbits and preview a selection of WordPress sites we have completed recently. Enjoy!

Google +1 Strategies

Google is becoming increasingly interested in a website’s “user experience”. How long do people stay on sites? How fast does the site load? How have people rated the site? How many people have +1’ed the site?

This means that search engine optimisation now requires more creativity and originality. Think about producing quality, relevant content to your audience on a regular basis and aim to get more people engaged with that content. This shows Google that your site is high quality and worth recommending. Create content (such as blog posts, videos and graphics) focused around keywords and themes, then share that content through your social networks (such as your blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+). It’s about connecting with your audience in a meaningful way.

Why do this? Last year, Google made a big change to its search algorithm that results in displaying content to searchers very quickly after it has been put on the web- in other words, it actively values “fresh” content. The fresher your content is, the better you can rank. In addition, testing has proven that the more content is shared around social networking sites like Twitter, Google + and Facebook, the higher it ranks.

By now, you’ve no doubt noticed the +1 button appearing on Google’s search results pages and on many content sites. Google +1 is set to be a key part of Google’s future. A person clicking the Google +1 button on a piece of web content is shorthand for “this is pretty cool” and Google takes it to mean that the person has endorsed the site. This “human approval” is important to Google, and people who are connected to the person who +1’d the content are likely to see it affect the results a Google search returns to them.

Here’s five quick-fire Google +1 strategies for you to consider for your site:

1. Add the +1 button to your site. Set up a Google+ Page for your business and start publishing content, building circles, and getting +1 recommendations. Add the button to all the key pages on your site.

2. Ask your associates, friends and family to +1 your site. Pull in some favours, or encourage people you know, to go to your site and click on the +1 button. It all counts!

3. Invest time in your network. Build a strong network through social media sites where you can share content and make connections to help build up +1’s. Offer reciprocal exchanges and share content that people are likely to approve and share.

4. Write fresh content. People can’t +1 the same thing more than once, so in order to get more support from the feature, it’s important to create content on a regular basis. Each blog post, video or site update that has a +1 button brings new SEO potential.

5. Keep it personal. A great way to establish a connection is to send an email campaign to clients and contacts. Let them know that clicking a +1 button actually supports your business.

View more information about Google +1 on Google’s official site.

Not to be confused with Google +1, you also have Google+ for business to further consider. You need to setup Google+ to use a Google +1 button and it also offers a range of other features worth considering. We’ll talk more on Google+ in the future but, meanwhile, let us know if you’d like help with setting up Google +1 for your site.


Avatar Blog: Search Engine Changes in 2011. There were some big changes to the search engine landscape last year, this blog mentions five key areas.

April Fools’ Day On The Internet. As expected, there were a number of interesting April Fool pranks going around this year. From Google’s self-driving stock car, to Hungry Hungry Hippo’s for iPad, to Richard Branson’s Virgin Volcanic concept of taking passengers to the centre of the Earth.

Amazing DeltaWing Racing Car. Nissan’s promo YouTube clip nicely conveys the excitement of this incredible looking machine.

Most incredible space visualisation app. Ever. The NUIverse app runs on a USD$8,000 tablet and is like looking into the future of what we’ll be using in decades to come.

Ocean Currents. An utterly fascinating rendering of the interaction of our planets ocean currents by the NASA Goddard Scientific Visualization Studio. Just a wee pity they didn’t have a closer view of the currents around New Zealand.

Occupy Wall Street 2.0. An insightful interview of Kalle Lasn, a key instigator of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Do You Dream Of Going To Space? If so, then you may want enter the I Dream Of Space “sales promotion” draw and be in with a chance of making your space dream come true.

Sites Of Interest

powerHouse Ventures

An intellectual property commercialisation company using private and public investment to develop new spin-out ventures sourced primarily from research partners such as universities and Crown Research Institutes.


Carbon Farming

An independent not for profit organisation which provides information to the rural sector on climate change. The website provides an overview of current issues and offers a range of resources.



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