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April 2015

Written By: Mark Rocket & Katie O’Neill
Published by: Avatar Ltd

Greetings All,

It’s been a busy start to the year at Avatar HQ. The Great War Exhibition, created by Sir Peter Jackson, commemorates New Zealand’s involvement in the First World War. We’re proud to have built the website which was launched just in time for ANZAC Day this year.If you haven’t already, then we highly recommend you register the anyname.nz version of your key domains. It’s important to protect your online brand so that no one else can register a domain that’s too similar for comfort.  For example, if you have a domain like SuperBikeShop.co.nz and someone else registers SuperBikeShop.nz then that could be quite confusing for all concerned.

IMPORTANT: There have been a few worldwide WordPress auto updates happening in April.  Be sure to keep a regular eye on your website and check that all is functioning as it should be.  Updates can sometime break functionality.  In particular, if you have not had any site enquiries for a while, then it’s a good time to test your website enquiry forms and do some checking through your site.

Oh, by the way, if you haven’t heard about it already, “Mobilegeddon” is here. There have been many articles hyping it all up in mainstream media that say people will be dropped by Google if they don’t have a mobile friendly site.  What they’re often not clearly saying, is that this is only applicable for people doing Google searches on a mobile device. It’s an important update that should not be ignored… but maybe not quite a search engine apocalypse. Our feature article covers this topic in further detail.


Mobile Friendliness Is Important For Mobile SEO Rankings

Back in February 2015, Google did something it doesn’t normally do – it forewarned marketers and website owners about a major planned change to the algorithm. The announcement was to the effect that as of April 21st 2015, mobile-friendliness would become a substantial factor in determining a site’s positioning on the mobile search engine result pages. It’s extremely unusual for Google to specifically announce their plans for their search algorithm, as they don’t want to encourage site-owners to try and “game the system”. The fact that they’ve been open about their intention shows that they consider ease of use on a mobile device to be a critical part of a website’s usefulness and relevancy to searchers.

Therefore, as of now, sites will be rewarded with higher rankings for having optimal mobile capacity when it comes to Google searches through a mobile device. From our experience, most NZ sites are averaging 5%-20% of their traffic from phones.

There are several ways of optimising a website for mobile and while you can create a dedicated mobile site, Google has gone on record as preferring responsive web design. This means you only have one website that changes and adapts to suit multiple screen sizes. Aside from changing screen sizes, there are also other things to consider in designing a mobile-friendly website:

  • Click to call numbers, that will automatically dial if a mobile user clicks on them
  • Easy-to-use navigation that creates thumb-friendly menus
  • Scaling fonts to make it easier to read on small screens
  • Fast loading times on mobile pages
  • No essential info hidden behind Flash elements, which may not play well in mobile browsers
  • Touch elements spread apart sufficiently to make it harder to accidentally press the wrong button

Feel free to get in touch with Avatar if you’d like help making your website mobile friendly or need more information.

Statistic Of The Month

$2 Billion Revenue. Although Apple is secretive about their predictions and early sales numbers regarding the Apple watch, one credible analyst estimates that with 3 million units likely to be sold within the first two weeks, Apple is coming away with $2 billion USD in revenue. This makes it their most profitable gadget ever – mainly due to the extremely high margins on it, as well as the ultra-expensive luxury models.


Convert With A Blog. A blog isn’t just for SEO benefits, there are many ways you can gain revenue from it as well.

Protect Your SEO. When redesigning a website, make sure you protect the time and effort you’ve spent building up your SEO.

Head Transplant. A man with a muscle wasting disorder has volunteered to be the first ever recipient of a human head transplant.

Robo Hotel. Japan is set to open the first hotel in the world to be staffed exclusively by robots.

Solid Gold. The gold edition Apple watch (priced at $20,000 USD a piece) has sold out in China.

Subscribe To Youtube. Youtube has announced plans for an ad-free subscription service option for viewers.

Sites Of Interest

A selection of sites we’ve worked on recently in web design, WordPress setups and/or web marketing.

Illy Espresso Bar

A franchise of coffee shops that serve a range of specialised coffee blends across the country.

Harcourts Gold

A Christchurch-based real estate agency, offering selling, buying and property management services.

Hernia Clinic

A Christchurch-based Hernia Clinic that provides swift diagnosis and treatment of hernias.


Resources, support and a community for new parents, ranging from infants to toddlers.

Pepe’s Mexican Grill

Mexican food you can build yourself – choose the style and then the toppings for the perfect meal.

Pacific Leprosy Foundation

The Pacific Leprosy Foundation is dedicated to wiping out Leprosy in Pacific communities.

Rapid Designs

A 3D printing and 3D design hub, dedicated to bringing their clients’ ideas to life.

Trent’s Vineyard

A private, picturesque wedding venue located just a short drive from Christchurch.

Cartoon Of The Month

Reprinted With Permission

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