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This month our feature topic is a review of when to consider doing one-time vs ongoing SEO. In tidbits, we have recent blog posts about voice search, Google RankBrain and website page speed. Enjoy!


One-Time SEO Vs Ongoing SEO

A common question we get asked is, “How often should I do SEO?”. It depends on your website’s specific target market and the results you want to achieve. Here’s a quick breakdown of some considerations of one-off vs ongoing SEO.

One-Time SEO
Any website that gets launched or redeveloped should, at the least, have some one-off SEO work done to make sure the basics are covered. Typical SEO issues for updated sites are: old page names not redirecting to the new updated page, changed domain names not being updated correctly with Google, major content changes that reduces keyword reach and not copying across the previous Google Analytics code (which means you can’t compare your new website’s performance to the old version).

If you’re on a tight budget then some SEO is better than none. Go for a good base package that covers the key areas. To keep the costs down, you can also get some SEO training or coaching or research online for tips to get you or your team to incorporate SEO into your inhouse marketing tasks.

Some websites in non-competive niches simply don’t need regular SEO work. Building a good foundation can be enough for you to rank first page on your main terms. For example, if you’re a chiropractor in a specific geographic location, then you likely won’t have too many competitors that you want to rank ahead of.

Ongoing SEO
Typically SEO companies like Avatar offer services that are carried out weekly or monthly. We’ve had some companies doing monthly SEO with us for over 10 years. It’s about incrementally improving search engine rankings, traffic and goal conversions, and making sure you’re carefully tracking any SEO trends to locate opportunities or issues.

Ongoing SEO is recommmended when it’s crucial that your website performs at a high level and you need to maximise online results. Some areas such as accommodation, rental cars and finance are incrediby competitive, so you need to implement a strong SEO strategy to get visibiity. Scheduling a three to six month SEO plan can be a good trial period to see how ongoing SEO works for you.

Final Thought
It’s common for businesses to allocate 90% of their online budget to the design and development of their website and just 10% is left for online marketing. Typically the companies that are doing best online switch that ratio the other way round. They realise that online marketing is the fuel that will make the rocket ship go faster and farther.


SEO For Voice Search In 2018. One of the humongous opportunities looming on the technological horizon has been the rise of voice recognition.

Optimising Your Website For Google RankBrain. Figuring out what people want from their search query is the purpose of RankBrain, so it’s worth considering the SEO implications.

Google Page Speed Update Coming In July. Google says this page speed update “will be a ranking factor for mobile searches”, so it’s worth getting ready for it.

HARO. This site allows you to “Help A Reporter Out” by providing them with sources for their upcoming article. Can be a great way to get links and mentions for your website.

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