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Written By: Mark Rocket
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Another financial year begins and we’ve got a lot to look forward to in 2019. Will the All Blacks make it a hat trick? Will Luke Skywalker reappear in Star Wars Episode 9? Will search engine optimisation continue to be the single most vital method to generate website traffic? The answer to all three is a definitive YES. 

2019 SEO Tips

2019 SEO Tips

If you’re serious about increasing website traffic from search engines, then it’s important to spend time on SEO each month. In our “SEO Quick Tips” blog post at the end of last year we suggested a range of points to consider:

  • RankBrain. Try to display compelling snippet text when you appear in Google and, once they get to your site, keep viewers engaged with your outstanding content.
  • Amplify. Don’t just write a blog post or article and dump it on your website. Be sure to actively promote it using social media and other channels.
  • Local. Review your online presence for people using phones and, in particular, ensure you have your Google My Business details accurate and optimised.
  • Revitalise. Take a look at your existing online content and refresh it.
  • Directories. Find local directories and resources to have a presence on.
  • Voice. Siri and Alexa usage is on the rise, so it’s time to do some voice search testing to see how your website performs.
  • Experience. Do users quickly find what they’re looking for on your website and do you answer the questions they have?
  • Tracking. You can’t improve what you don’t measure, so regularly track KPIs for your site such as rankings, unique visitors and goal conversions.

Here are some additional “2019 SEO tips” to consider for getting on top this year:

  • Power. Develop in-depth, value-added “power content”. Don’t write just short blog posts that are same-same like all the others, aim to stand out. See what’s the best resource out there in the niche you’re targeting and develop content that’s a notch above it.
  • Speed. Check your site on PageSpeed Insights. In particular, be sure to check your website runs fast on mobile devices. Aim for under 3 seconds. If it’s not, your web developer may need to reduce the size of the images and code for the mobile version of your website.
  • Brand. Google is tracking brand mentions, so try to encourage people to mention your business name in social media and on websites. You ideally want other websites to link to you, but even if your business name is mentioned on other websites without a link, then Google can track it. Use tools like Awario to find mentions of your brand. The context is also important, you want your name to be mentioned in a positive context.
  • Mobile. Last year Google started rolling out a “mobile-first” approach for indexing and ranking websites, so it’s important to have a website that works well on mobile. Many people obsessively fuss over how their desktop site looks and functions, whereas they treat their mobile site as a fleeting afterthought. This change means that Google will use the mobile version of your website for ranking, so make sure the content and user experience is first-rate.

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On Page SEO Essentials. Search Engine Watch have posted a useful guide on how to do the basics of crafting a web page with SEO in mind.

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Photo of the Earth & Moon Together. The Chinese space program has captured a rare perspective of the Earth and far side of the Moon.

The World Wide Web Turns 30. Some interesting reflections and thoughts for the future of the web from Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

Sites Of Interest

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Southern Wings

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FM band expanders and converters for Japanese imported cars delivering to global markets from UAE, Kenya to the Caribbean.

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