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August 2012

Written By: Mark Rocket & Katie O’Neill
Published by: Avatar Ltd

Greetings All!

This week the sun is shining (mostly) and the soggy Avatar Crew are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Spring. Our feature article this month is all about getting your website working better for you and we round off with our usual assortment of tidbits and sites of interest for your perusal. Enjoy!

Six Website Conversion Tips for 2012

Getting traffic flowing to your website is extremely important; however it ultimately comes to nothing unless your site is designed to convert that traffic into real business. Do you have a hole in your bucket? Getting web visitors to equate into tangible value is called a conversion, and the higher your conversion rate, the more benefit you’ll receive from your website. Increasing conversions is arguably the most important function of any business website, and here are some tips for you to consider:

1. Make an offer they can’t refuse. Review what your online competition is doing and think of ways to come up with a more compelling offer. Many people will be looking at multiple online offerings, so you want to do what you can to stand out from the pack. Key pages on your site should include a ‘call to action’ that strongly encourages your targeted prospects to take the next step.

2. Start a conversation. Many websites realistically don’t have a focus on converting an online sale because the first steps are to answer a myriad of questions specific to the prospective buyer’s needs and to develop trust. We’ve found for most businesses it’s about starting a dialogue, do everything you can to get targeted website prospects to call you, skype you, email you or use your enquiry form. Is there a relevant incentive that will encourage this?

3. Take advantage of your organic traffic data. Any analytics package worth its salt will be able to tell you which keywords are driving most of your organic traffic, and where they are coming from. This gives you excellent insight into what people are looking to gain from your site, and you can use this knowledge to make sure you deliver. Optimise your website’s text and image content with key organic search terms in mind, thinking like someone who has just entered them into the search box and arrived at your site. Build trust, credibility and reinforce your relevance to the keywords you’re targeting.

4. Use analytics data to eliminate weak points. Check to see which pages are doing well and which are not being clicked. If a certain page isn’t getting much traffic, consider whether it is properly labelled, if there is incentive to click on it, or if its purpose is clear to the viewer. Select a goal page such as “enquiry” or “check out” and see which pages lead up to it, and which ones lose the audience’s interest. Bounce rates measure the frequency viewers quickly hit the back button, and time on page measures how long people remain engaged with your pages. These numbers aren’t always reliable, but they serve as a solid basis to examine whether you’re keeping your audience’s attention or where it’s fizzling out.

5. Streamline your page clicks. The longer it takes for a user to reach their end goal, the more likely they’ll give up somewhere along the process. Cut back on the page clicks required and get them straight to where they want to be. Make sure the extra information they may need is on hand, but not overwhelming them. It’s important to make sure the ‘next step’ is always visible, whether it’s looking up a specific product, finding more info, or moving to make a purchase.

6. Experiment and split test. Every industry, product, service and business is different. Your customer base is specific to you, and it’s up to you to use your experience and knowledge with it to make decisions about how best to convert. Small experimentations where you can compare the results are a great way to tweak and fine-tune your strategy. Make small changes, then observe the results, pursuing successes and learning from failures. Consider using a split testing tool to precisely measure the differences, there are a number of free or inexpensive tools available.

Raising website conversions is often the largest opportunity for improvement for any website. It’s easy to be complacent but the real online winners are continually looking at ways to optimise their website results.



25 Greatest Olympic Moments in History. Not quite ready to let go of the sporting glory of the Olympics? Relive some of the most amazing feats of human spirit and endurance ever witnessed.

Olympic Bloopers. On the flip side, there’s some olympic athletes that have a bad day at the office and create a memory that maybe they’d prefer to forget.

Medals Per Capita. With all the hype surrounding them, you might be fooled into thinking the USA, China and Russia are the top dogs of the Olympics. A statistician’s view tells a different story, giving credit to the countries (such as New Zealand!) who pull the most weight comparative to size.

Martin Jetpack. Get an update on one of the coolest tech innovations happening in Christchurch.

Web 3.0. The Semantic Web is an exciting part of our online future. Here’s a useful update on where things are at from an SEO perspective.

Rover On Mars. Curiosity’s recent Martian landing has stimulated a lot of fresh interest in our red neighbour. Will humans land on Mars in the next two decades? SpaceX thinks so.


Sites Of Interest

Christchurch Coastal Pathway
Find information on the planned coastline pathway to link Sumner to Mount Pleasant.

Christchurch Coastal Pathway
New Zealand Postcard Society
Learn about historical New Zealand postcards and meet the fans who collect them.

New Zealand Postcard Society
Getdone Plumbing
An Auckland and Wellington based plumber and specialist in getting things done.

Getdone Pumbling
Cruisy Baby
Products to ease the stress of parents and give the freedom to create more quality family time.

Cruisy Baby



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