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August 2014

Written By: Mark Rocket & Katie O’Neill
Published by: Avatar Ltd

Greetings All,

This month we’ll kick off by asking you three quick questions…

  • Have you put yourself in the shoes of a first time visitor to your website and checked that your site design is intuitive and clear?
  • Is it obvious what your website is about and do you convey your competitive points of difference on each key page?
  • Do you give a compelling reason for people to take the next step?

This month our feature article gives five ways to improving your website’s brand positioning and our stat of the month pertains to the usage rise of Android on smartphones.

5 Ways To Improve Your Online Brand Positioning

With so many different brands competing in each niche, you need to pull out all stops to give yourself an edge over the competition. Brand positioning is all about making your business stand out from the crowd, clearly articulating your offering and being memorable. The level of visibility you can achieve translates directly to visitors, enquiries and sales. Here are five simple ways to improve your website’s brand positioning:

  1. Establish A Clear Point Of Difference. Many businesses fall flat because don’t convey what exactly they offer that sets them apart from their competitors. If you don’t understand your point of difference, your audience won’t either. Identify what it is you have to offer and make sure this is clear from the moment people enter your website – on all key landing pages in particular.
  2. Create Content That Is Valuable To Your Market. Create a meaningful connection by providing your potential clients with something valuable and useful. This opens a dialogue and creates a sense of trust in your product and brand.
  3. Share Valuable Content. If you can’t or find it difficult to create valuable content, you can achieve a similar effect by simply sharing it. By becoming an aggregator of quality content from across the web, you’ll become a “one stop shop” for people looking for a range of different articles, tools, tips and resources in your industry. Of course, you often need to get permission when sharing content – though simple links and recommendations are usually fine.
  4. Get Reviews. Google Local is an important tool for marketing, as it allows you to build up a fuller picture of your services, product and location. One of the features it offers is reviews, which will show up on the search results page itself, giving you more visibility and authority right from the get-go.
  5. Use SEO And AdWords. SEO and AdWords are still two of the most effective ways to gain online traffic and build up a strong online presence on the ubiquitous Google search page. For SEO results, ensure your website is properly optimised and has a strong backlink profile. Google AdWords can come at a high cost per click, but also take into account there’s a lot of people that don’t click on your ad that will still see your brand.

Contact Avatar if you’d like to talk about improving your website’s online brand positioning.

Statistic Of The Month

85% Market Share. The Google-produced operating system Android has reached new heights across the smartphone market, with a recent study showing it accounts for an 84.6% share of all global smartphone shipments. This is a record high, and reflects a growing market in places like China, India and Africa where low-cost devices are the priority. Conversely, iOS has slipped to 12%, though this doesn’t necessarily reflect fewer iPhones and Apple devices being produced.


Secure Yourself. An upcoming update from Google looks set to prioritise websites that use https security.

Robolympics. With Japan hosting the 2020 Summer Olympics, nobody is surprised to find there are plans for an Olympic event just for robots.

Review Fine Backlash. After being heavily criticized (for good reason) a hotel has rescinded its $500 fine for leaving a negative online review.

I Like That. An interesting social experiment to discover the effects of liking everything that appeared on Facebook for 2 days.

Holy Grail Battery. Sick of running out of phone juice? Scientists have uncovered a “holy grail” of battery design that results in 300% more charge.

Sites Of Interest

A selection of sites we’ve worked on recently in web design, WordPress setups and/or web marketing.

Element Escapes

A rocket company redefining access to commercial space in the emerging small satellite market.

Spice Trader

Offers a selection of top quality spices from around the world that can be ordered online.

New Zealand Rent A Car Plus

A rental car company with branches throughout New Zealand, dedicated to providing a great journey.

Iron Technology Solutions

Creates bespoke firmware and software solutions with an emphasis on cloud-based systems.

Cartoon Of The Month

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