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Avatar News: December 2016

Written By: Mark Rocket
Published by: Avatar Ltd

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We have a slightly shorter and snappier pre-Chrismas newsletter this month.

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We hope you’ve had a super year and we look forward to talking with you in 2017. Happy holidays everyone!

Reflecting On 2016

Reflecting On 2016

This month we’ll go off-piste a little and reflect on the year that was. Sure, there have been a few disappointments, disasters and challenges, such as:

  • More major New Zealand and international earthquakes
  • Donald Trump getting elected
  • Brexit
  • Luminaries like Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, Patty Duke, Prince, Victoria Wood etc passing on
  • Pokemon Go

The media loves to focus on the negative stuff but overall, 2016 has been a pretty good year for the world. Some positives:

  • British Columbia protected 85% of one of the world’s largest temperate rain forests
  • The World Health Organisation released a report showing that, since the year 2000, global malaria deaths have declined by 60%
  • The African Union announced a new single African passport that permits holders to enter any of the 54 AU member states without a visa
  • NASA’s Juno spacecraft enters orbit around Jupiter
  • Stars Wars: Rogue One was released

For more inspiration view 99 reasons 2016 has been a great year for humanity.


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