Avatar News: December 2017

Written By: Mark Rocket
Published by: Avatar Ltd

Greetings All,

Crikey, it’s been an eventful year. For starters, we have a new Labour led government, President Trump was inaugurated, Team New Zealand was victorious at the America’s Cup, a drawn All Blacks vs Lions rugby tour, an epic US total solar eclipse and humpback whales have been taken off the endangered species list.

Now the finish line is in sight for 2017 and the Avatar team is looking forward to a wee summer break. Our last day this year is Thursday, December 21st and we’re back on Monday, January 8th.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all the best for some relaxing holidays!


Easily Increase Your Google Rankings In 2018

There’s a gazillion SEO tasks you can to do improve your Google rankings, but we’ll highlight four key points below that can easily be applied to boost results in 2018.

Increase Dwell Time
One credible study reviewed Google’s top 10 results and found that the average time someone spent on the sites was 3 minutes and 10 seconds. So think about ways to improve the stickiness of your website to encourage people to stay, read and engage. Google is tracking when users quickly leave your site and surmises that if people hang around for a while then they like the content, so increasing website dwell time will improve your rankings.

Review Your SERPs and CTRs
Review the rankings your site is current getting on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Check what title, page name and description comes up for your site. Is it compelling and a good match for the search topic? Are your competitors doing a better job? Can you add in a few action or descriptive words that will improve Click Through Rates (CTR). If you focus in on getting more people to click on your listing in the SERPs, then Google will likely reward you with better rankings.

LSI Keywords.
Think about all the permutations of keywords and topics related to your content. This builds the context and depth of your site. As an example, type in your main keyword to this LSI tool, then incorporate more of these LSI keywords into your site content. Many people want to just run with a lite brochure style site, but adding resources such as FAQs, indepth articles, news, events, opinion pieces and blogs will significantly help with your keyword coverage and increasing SEO traffic.

Test On Mobile
Test out your website on mobile, how does it look? Will a first time visitor get all the content they need? Also, do some industry keyword searches on your mobile device and see if/how you come up in the Google results on mobile. Also, do a Google mobile test.

Get in touch with Avatar if you’d like to talk about improving SEO for your website.


Planning Your SEO Campaign. This article is geared towards larger companies, but it gives some insightful thoughts from Forbes on how to plan and budget for SEO.

Asteroid From Another Solar System. The first-ever detected interstellar traveller, now named Oumuamua, was detected by the European Southern Observatory and is currently passing through our solar system. Scientifically, it would be incredible to know more about the asteroid, but as avid sci-fi film buffs we’re worried that bad things could happen. We’ll try not to over think it.

Looking For Some Holiday Reading? View the best 100 novels as reviewed by The Guardian.

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