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January 2014

Written By: Mark Rocket & Katie O’Neill

Published by: Avatar Ltd

Greetings All,

There’s something invigorating about starting a brand new year – a time for reflection, planning and getting fizzed up about exciting new endeavours. It’s also a good time to do some website housekeeping. Check that your website is working well, the content is up to date, ensure the footer copyright dates across your site have all been changed to 2014 and seek out any mention of dates that may need changing (e.g. on booking forms). The first Avatar News of 2014 looks at Google Authorship and what it can do to help improve the visibility of your content on the search behemoth.

Important Avatar Update

This month Avatar is pleased to announce that we have acquired the SEO company OnPage1 Media and that the OnPage1 Media team are in the process of merging with Avatar. This enables Avatar to expand out it’s capabilities in SEO and online marketing, as well as offering a fuller range of web services to OnPage1 Media clients.

Google Authorship

With so many sources posting content on the web, Google is always looking for ways to sort the wheat from the chaff. It has algorithms to sort articles by keyword density and social reaction, but there’s one thing it values above all others – the human factor. Google Authorship is a way of tying a human identity to the content you create on the web, thus giving it an extra boost in terms of being considered a reliable source.

Like much of Google’s systems, Authorship is mostly a behind-the-scenes thing, but it does have some very practical applications for users. The main benefits are:

  • A profile connected to all your content, making it easier for users to read more from you.
  • A profile picture showing up in search results, which is more eye-catching and appears trustworthy to the user.
  • A rich snippet associated with the article, allowing you to summarise and make your link sound more enticing than the rest.
  • More authority in the eyes of Google, making it more likely that your link will be pushed higher by their system.

This is becoming more and more important as Google continues to prioritise the user experience and human endorsement of content – and since it’s heavily tied in to their social media network Google+, they have a vested interest in making it enticing for people to use.

Once you have a profile with a photo set up on Google +, there are two ways of going about linking your account and your content. If possible, you need to use the same email on both your Google+ account and the domain that content is on – for instance name@company.co.nz will help Google snoop out any blog posts published on the Company website. However this isn’t always available, and a special link must be made in the author bio or somewhere in the article that points to your Google+ page. You then need to go into your Google+ profile settings and list yourself as a contributor to that website as well.

Google Authorship ties your web writing together, proves you are willing to put your name to your words and looks set to continue as a defining factor in how Google values content.

Statistic Of The Month

350 Million – that’s how many “bad ads” Google removed from its systems during the last year. These were Google AdWords campaigns undertaken for malicious or misleading purposes, all of which were caught by their filters and algorithmic systems. The number represents a 59% increase from last year, indicating that the number of baddies on the web is on the rise.


Bad Extensions. Unscrupulous individuals are starting to buy Chrome extensions and logging them with ad- and malware without the users knowing.

Smart Lights. Saving power and reducing light pollution, these clever streetlights only turn on when they sense a presence nearby.

Not Coming To DVD. For the first time ever, Paramount is skipping the physical distribution of a major film, ” The Wolf of Wall Street”.

“Inside Job”. Blame is pointed internally as thousands of Google Maps and Google+ listings are hijacked.

500,000 Lego Pieces. A full-sized, drivable Lego car that runs on air.

Modern Masterpieces. Classic art brought to life with a 2.5D effect.

Glowing Tides. A beach in the Maldives is lit with tiny bio-luminescent creatures washing up on its shore.

Big Trends. 15 technology trends that are set to define 2014.

Sites Of Interest

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An online blog covering a range of esoteric ideas and topics, explained in easy-to-grasp terms.
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Cartoon Of The Month

Reprinted With Permission

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